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Children regardless of their age , class race or back-ground mostly are not like a notebook yet to be written upon as is mistakenly believed.Each child is blessed with special skills and talents and I believed good educational system helps a child to nurtue his/her talents and over come shortcomings. Our approach is child-centered,encouraging activity-base learning,inspiring scientific temper and spirit of free enquiry.At Sudesh Vatika Convent School,the curriculum takes on a student centered-approach,whereby children are involved in the learning process.Teachers ignite curiously and the desire to learn rather than load children with academic burden.For us every child is as important as every other.we also focus on multi-faceted development of each child. I endevour to ensure that each child grow to their full potential and being groomed to pass out as men and women competent to take responsibilities in all walks of life.we also cherish the values of tolerance,fairplay and independent thinking. I am full confident that student in this institution will find their educational experiences fruitful and rewarding one.